East Valley’s universities advance ideas into real-world technology.

East Valley’s universities advance ideas into real-world technology.

At Arizona State University, there are approximately 11,000 students enrolled in entrepreneurship.

Generous business tax incentives exist just for startups.

Setting up an LLC can be accomplished in less than a month with low costs.

PHX East Valley business costs are 40% lower than California.

Fast Forward to the Next BIG Idea.

Innovation is advancing faster than ever before and startup opportunities are rapidly flourishing within the PHX East Valley. The bright and adventurous gravitate here because they can make their mark quickly with low costs using the resources, programs and tools necessary for successful, cutting-edge ideas to grow and thrive. With our region being recently named a top market for entrepreneurs to start, expand and thrive—it’s obvious that the PHX East Valley is truly a place where things are made, that leave an impact on the world. Your innovative business deserves a place where entrepreneurship thrives. We have everything you need for your startup to become more than just an idea waiting to happen.

“Inc Magazine selected the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area as one of the top 20 U.S. cities for start-up companies.”

Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Our region is quickly becoming known for its world-class innovation. Nationally ranked for entrepreneurial activity, we provide the expertise and support needed for emerging high-growth companies.

Start Up Business Assistance

The PHX East Valley is committed to your business success. From operating guidance to capital funding to technology assistance, the resources present here can help your business start-up become something BIG.

Finding Capital

Starting a company can involve a few challenges, funding is perhaps one of them. Here in the PHX East Valley there is capital available at every stage of company development. Our resources help connect your business with capital providers - federal grants, venture capitalists, banks, and others - as well as offer programs that expand the reach of capital providers.

Access to Talent

Human capital ranks among one of the most important and valued community assets. Firms operating in the East Valley benefit from one of the largest, skilled and diverse talent pools in the U.S. understanding that the best talent drives competitive advantage and success in the global marketplace. East Valley employers continue to grow and prosper, underscoring just how vital the people of this region are to business success.

Be innovative.
Be creative.
Be bold.

Be the next BIG thing in the PHX East Valley.

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In 2014, Tanga.com was named to the Inc. 5000 list, honored as one of the fastest-growing private companies in America. The secret to our success is balancing work life and family life. Here in the PHX East Valley, our business-friendly environment is positioned to do so. Businesses thrive because of the world-class talent produced from the numerous education institutions and amenities. And being family-oriented, with so many activities to enjoy daily makes for a great balance. The PHX East Valley is a win/win when it comes to living, working and playing.Jeremy Young, CEO/ Founder
Jeremy Young, CEO/ FounderChandler



At Infusionsoft, we're dedicated to a single purpose — helping small businesses succeed. We believe in the passion and dreams of entrepreneurs. We believe they are job creators, problem solvers, innovators and the backbone of the economy. In 2001 when Infusionsoft was founded we spent a great amount of time looking for the ideal home for what has become an eight-time Inc. 500/5000 company. We ultimately selected Chandler’s Price Corridor in the PHX East Valley because it represents a budding center for tech companies and talent. I grew up in Arizona and know this is a great place to start and grow a technology company. With the state’s incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces, as well as groups like the Arizona Technology Council and Arizona Commerce Authority, there’s a lot of great support.  Clate Mask, CEO/ Co-Founder
Clate Mask, CEO/ Co-FounderChandler