It’s here! The 2018 #PHXEastValley Economic Profile & Asset Map is Ready to Download!

“I’m so pleased to “welcome” you to our region via the 2018 PHX East Valley Economic Profile, which offers a glimpse into a diverse region in the Southwestern United States known for its global innovative brands, strong business climate and year-round beautiful weather. These assets are just a few of the features that make the PHX East Valley the ideal place to work, live and play. Our region has experienced tremendous growth over the past thirty years in industries such as technology, advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, and healthcare. Companies are drawn to our region because of the pro-business climate, highly-skilled, educated workforce and robust infrastructure. Positive collaboration between civic, political, business, and educational leaders has helped contribute to the continued growth of the PHX East Valley. Our six communities offer diverse real estate and enhance our growing economy with regional assets that make a difference in the everyday lives of our citizens. We hope you’ll join us in the PHX East Valley – where talent, growth and opportunity are given a chance to shine, each and every day.” – John Lewis, CEO

The Economic Profile provides information that can help PHX East Valley ambassadors—those who live and work in our region—as they talk to others as well as businesses looking to relocate their business operations or start a business in our thriving communities.

The message we share is simple: where we live is a great place to receive a quality education, experience excellent career opportunities, raise a family, enjoy single living and retire. We note that it does not hurt to mention that we have over 300 sunny days a year with an average winter temperature of 68 degrees.

As a region, we have a reputation for having a highly educated and skilled workforce. Estimates show that with another million residents coming to our region that will call PHX East Valley their home, 400,000 new jobs will be created in the next 30 years.

The Economic Profile (available for download below) highlights some of our most recent national recognition’s:

  • Gilbert as the most prosperous city in the U.S.
  • Chandler is noted as the 7th best city for jobs
  • Mesa is known as a “Best Big City” in the Southwest
  • Apache Junction is one of the top places to retire in the Nation
  • Tempe is the 7th most affordable “Top Tech Town”
  • Queen Creek is the 4th best place in Phoenix for young professionals.

When businesses outside of Arizona considers our region, they observe several advantages:

  • Business costs are approximately 40 percent lower than those of neighboring California
  • 33.6 million square feet of shovel-ready property is available
  • Corporate income taxes are low, as are individual income taxes
  • Compared to neighboring states, cost of living is lower, utility rates are lower and median household income is higher

Businesses appreciate our regional emphasis on transportation infrastructure, shortening commutes and education. The average commute time to work is 28.04 minutes. The PHX East Valley is the location of our “Nation’s Most Innovative University,” Arizona State University, along with many other outstanding higher-education institutions. There is a strong emphasis on business promotion and support of STEM education. World-class incubators and accelerators are available to support our local entrepreneurs.

On a lifestyle note; PHX East Valley offers a quality of life that provides hiking, boating, fishing and outdoor fun within short distances from our work areas and homes. We have fabulous facilities to enjoy that promote the arts and we are the Spring Training home to the 2016 World Series Champions — Chicago Cubs as well as the Oakland A’s, Los Angeles Angels, Diamondbacks and others.

Agritainment is an exploding trend in our region with the agriculture sector contributing $10.3 billion to the state of Arizona’s revenue. Queen Creek and Apache Junction are heading the trend for the region.

PHX East Valley is a dynamic region of the southwestern United States that has experienced tremendous growth, and through thoughtful planning and collaboration we have a vibrant economy with regional assets such as a highly skilled workforce, robust infrastructure, world-class education, diverse real estate and ideal climate.

We invite you to study the 2018 Economic Profile & Asset Map by downloading below to learn more about our thriving region.

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