Introducing: #PHXEastValley Angel Investor Initiative

The PHX East Valley Angel Investor Initiative is a regional partnership to catalyze economic growth by raising awareness of the importance of angel investing and enhancing access to early-stage funding for PHX East Valley tech startups.

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Curious of what an Angel Investor is?

An Angel is an individual who invests his or her own money in startup companies in exchange for an equity share of the businesses. An individual Angel may invest as little as $5,000 in a business while an angel group may pool their capital to make a much larger investment. In addition to capital, Angels often invest time in entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. Return on investment is made when the entrepreneur successfully grows the business and exits it, generally through a sale or merger.

Why are people intrigued by being Angel Investors?

Each Angel is motivated by a different set of factors. Some of the typical reasons why Angels choose to invest are:

  • The idea of helping entrepreneurs with their skills and expertise
  • Giving back to the local community
  • Use this opportunity as an active form of investing
  • Generate return on investment

What Do You Need to Have to be an Angel Investor?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has established “accredited investor” criteria to help ensure that angels who are sophisticated investors, have access to resources needed to perform due diligence, and can afford to lose invested funds.

If you are interested in becoming an Angel Investor you must have:

  • A Net Worth of $1M, or
  • An Annual Personal Income of $200k, or
  • A Family Income of $300k

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Additional details about angel investing and opportunities for education on the topic are forthcoming, so stay tuned!