Innovative, proactive measures taken years ago prepared Arizona to face today’s water challenges.

PHX East Valley continues to make strides with the water challenge Arizona is facing,” said Roc Arnett, CEO of East Valley Partnership. “Leaders and organizations in the region work together to implement and create innovative water efficiency strategies that will continue to impact the state’s economy in a positive light,” Arnett said.

Arizona Water At A Glance:

  • Arizona relies on water from the Colorado River for approximately 40 percent of its overall supply.
  • Over the past 60 years, Arizona’s population has increased five-fold. However, the demand for water has increased only 0.1 percent.
  • Arizona has suffered a drought for 16 years.
  • The amount of residential water use has decreased over the years because of efficiencies in plumbing, efficient desert landscaping and energy efficient appliances.
  • In the period from 1957 to 2013, Arizona reduced its water consumption by 100,000 acre feet. A one acre foot equals 325,851 gallons, sufficient water for three families for one year.
  • Because of careful planning, Arizona has approximately 9 million acre feet of water stored.
  • The Gila River Indian Community and Salt River Project created the Gila River Water Storage LLC in 2010 to address the continuing need for dependable, renewable water supplies as well as to bring five million acre-feet of additional water supplies to Arizona.
  • Many industrial water users such as data centers, manufacturing facilities and facilities with large turf areas such as golf courses, use non-potable water supplies to meet demands.

All Key Messages were generated from the 2015 SRP Water Forum on 6/9 with Governor Doug Ducey and Sarah Porter, Director of the Kyl Center on Water at the ASU Morrison Institute.


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