By 2017 corporate income tax will decline by 30%

By 2017 corporate income tax will decline by 30%

Business costs are approximately 40 % lower than neighboring California

Taxes and regulations decrease each year

Successful businesses never stop looking for ways to grow

PHX East Valley has space for your business to expand

The Perfect Climate to Grow

The PHX East Valley is a dynamic region that specializes in growing things—like successful businesses. Companies looking to expand operations will find that the East Valley has the resources, support, and opportunities readily at hand. Our region offers programs and incentives to encourage business growth and continually takes action to provide a business- friendly tax and regulatory climate resulting in businesses eventually expanding and/or relocating with a LOW transition cost.

In our case, you can do more with less; lower business costs, fewer taxes, less regulation. PHX East Valley is a bottom line booster! Let’s seal the deal and give you a closer look at why our region is perfect for your next venture:


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Trendy Lifestyle

PHX East Valley is a playground for all. From pedestrian-friendly downtowns with urban vibes with award-winning eateries, designer fashion malls, entertainment, outdoor recreation to a state-of-the-art science and technology business presence, you are sure to find a quality of life suitable just for you. It’s all right here.

Access to Talent

Highly Skilled, Young Workforce

PHX East Valley’s 1.2 million residents have a lower than average median age (34.98) versus the national average and higher educational attainment, providing an outstanding workforce for knowledge-based industries. Our talent is waiting for you.

Access to Market

Robust Infrastructure

Decades of highway, utility and airport infrastructure planning and construction make PHX East Valley a highly-valued connectivity point for commerce. Well planned highways not only connect PHX East Valley to ports in California and Mexico but also reduce work commutes for the high-tech workforce. PHX East Valley’s four airports offer a diverse portfolio of aerospace, defense, aviation and other high-tech industries, plus the operations to support those industries such as maintenance and repair operations, cargo and R&D activities. Local PHX East Valley public transportation such as a 20 mile light rail system and express bus routes are effective examples of leveraging federal partnerships and local government funds. We are strategically located.

Opportunity for Growth

Cutting-Edge Business

When your region has the right tools and support, businesses grow faster than ever before— your startup culture continues to thrive and becomes a preferred choice for technology companies seeking expansion. PHX East Valley is home to global innovative brands such as Intel, Orbital Sciences, Amkor, InfusionSoft, The Boeing Company, General Dynamics, GoDaddy, PayPal, Honeywell, GM Innovation Center and Microchip, making it a magnet for cutting-edge technology companies who take advantage of this regions highly skilled talent. There is so much room to grow in the PHX East Valley. Will you be next? We attract great minds.

Diverse Real Estate

PHX East Valley communities offer diverse housing lifestyles that meet the individual demands for C-level executives, families, millennials, retirees, and students through master planned communities, urban skylines and amenity-rich driven multi-housing. The region is also home to some of the fastest growing residential communities for families with rich master-planned public infrastructure such as parks, pools and A+ public schools. It is safe and affordable for first-time home buyers, very inclusive. We have something suitable for everyone.



@Heliae_ Algae

Heliae started off as a small research and development arm of Arizona State University and as we set to expand here in the PHX East Valley, Gilbert was our ideal location. It was close in proximity with access to attract the talent needed in the industry and the climate algae needs to grow. As Director of Engineering it was best to move my family into the PHX East Valley. Gilbert gives my family and I that small town feel and has everything we need, good restaurants, hiking, recreational activities, etc. yet in close proximity to the airport and attractions of the big city when we need or want it. The PHX East Valley is ideal for continuing to grow business and raise a family.John Cefola, Director of Engineering
John Cefola, Director of Engineering Gilbert

Able Engineering


  When we were deciding on a site for our new facility we had many great choices, including out of state. The City of Mesa worked hard to come up with a win-win scenario that made Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport the best value alternative for Able Engineering. All the way through the process we felt like the City of Mesa was a true partner and we look forward to many successful years working in and with the City of Mesa.Lee Benson, CEO
Lee Benson, CEOMesa

Banner Gateway Medical Center

@BannerHealth @bannermdandersn

Banner Gateway is an acute care, full service community hospital. Our Gilbert, AZ campus is home to the Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center which provides an unprecedented level of cancer care to Arizona through world-renowned resources. Our region is becoming a destination for cancer care and complex cases and as CEO, I meet regularly with other PHX East Valley Banner executives to discuss the needs of the communities we serve and strategize how we can offer the highest quality patient care and experience at a low cost. Our team here in the PHX East Valley is leading the way to the future of quality Healthcare that is affordable.Lamont Yoder, CEO
Lamont Yoder, CEOGilbert