Corporations Moving Workplace Closer to Desired Workforce

Corporations like McDonald’s, General Electric and Kraft Heinz are shedding their sprawling suburban corporate headquarters and moving to urban city centers as reported by the New York Times last week.

Talent is driving this trend. These businesses’ targeted talent want to be downtown, and companies are seem to be bringing the workplace to the workforce —but it doesn’t end at the city center.O

Our region has seen more than 20 large U.S. and Canadian companies relocate or expand in our backyard during the past 18 months, to include a few; State Farm’s regional headquarters, Zip Recruiter’s first expansion location, Canada’s St. Clair Technologies’ first U.S. location, and Apple’s Global Command Center.

Quality of Life Drives Decisions.

The talent these, and other companies hope to attract, want a live,work,and play environment that abounds here. From amazing weather and outdoor activities, to a vibrant events scenes. Our region is home to a talented workforce, and they aren’t leaving anytime soon.

For businesses, there are several “added bonuses” from the cost of living, to a business-friendly environment home to a robust workforce that is fueled by an excellent education system. The PHX East Valley region has become an ideal location for those seeking an environment well suited for innovative entrepreneurs as well as prospering businesses looking to expand and/or relocate.

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