Chandler Innovations Offering Free Expert Advice for Entrepreneurs

Programs open to general public part of new ‘track system’ at business incubator.

Chandler Innovations, the city’s business incubation and entrepreneurial development program, is accelerating its offerings with a series of free lectures and workshops that align with its new systematic approach to start-ups.

This month’s events focus on business operations, with sessions on how to successfully use interns in a new business, what makes a winning website, and how to create a culture of accountability.

Although the one- and two-hour sessions are primarily intended for Chandler Innovations clients, they are open to the public, specifically those who might be considering starting their own business.

“We want to enhance the availability of non-traditional education for those who might be considering entrepreneurship,” said Jody Owen, program manager at Chandler Innovations. “These interactions are a great way to expose people to experts in these fields and show them what’s involved in creating a business.”

For the incubation program’s current clients, the events tie into the second stage of the rigorous curriculum that takes would-be entrepreneurs from innovative idea to finding investors to business launch and beyond.

While entrepreneurs in Track 1 are testing their business concept, refining their value proposition and finding the right market to support it, those in Track 2 already have a viable product and service and now are building a business around it. Track 3 focuses more on investment opportunities and how to scale a business for exponential growth. The final stage, or graduation, continues one-on- one consulting to help the businesses as they grow. It also encourages the entrepreneurs to help mentor new clients by sharing their experiences.

The creation of Chandler Innovations is part of the city’s commitment to foster new businesses and a deep belief that the best new products aren’t created by those with MBAs but the scientists, engineers, technologists, designers, and dreamers who need help in transforming their visions into a business enterprise.

“You can be a fantastic engineer but have difficulties with business planning,” said city Economic Development Director Micah Miranda. he said. “That’s where business incubation and entrepreneurial development programs like Chandler Innovations come in. It benefits our community economically and furthers our reputation as a city uniquely positioned to grow innovative new companies.

This month’s classes include:

  • How to Successfully Use Interns in Your Business (Feb. 15, 1 pm, 249 E Chicago St., Chandler). Interns in your business can be a smart business decision but has to be a win-win
    for the intern, their program and your business. The session, led by Dave Stakebake, assistant director of Strategic Employer Development for Career and Professional Development Services at Arizona State University, explores the difference between an internship and job, what to expect from interns, and how to recruit them.
  • Create a Winning Website (Feb. 21, Noon, Webinar). You don’t have to be a coding expert to benefit from Jasmine Holmes’s insights on website essentials, how to create an online presence that will attract your ideal client, and what questions to ask before you hire a professional to design your site. Holmes, founder of 910 West, has 15 years of graphic design and marketing experience.
  • Creating a Culture of Accountability (Feb. 22, 1 pm, 249 E. Chicago St., Chandler). The culture of your new business is an important part of your operations. It will help determine who you hire, how to reach your goals and help you establish a culture of accountability. Mary Henry, managing partner of business consulting firm Impetus Solutions, will walk you through the steps.

Future sessions will focus on business strategy and leadership, marketing, research and development, and sales. For more information about Chandler Innovations or its free events open to the public, go to